Daily Heartbreak

I feel like I love too much.
Which has lead me in the other end of the spectrum, shutting off my emotions completely.

Its a daily occurrence. Daily imagining of how things could be. I fall in love of what could be.
Of how my life could play out.

I fall in love with how it could be if I was to apply for a certain summer internship. Imagining my wonderful summer abroad exploring a foreign country.

I fall in love with my goals, of what ifs. What if I do that then best case scenario my life will take me on this great adventure.

I fall in love with stories imaging how it would be like if I was to do as in the story.

I fall in love with stolen glances imaging a wonderful future.

I fall in love with places and houses imagining visiting there or living there.

And yet these all without a doubt lead to heartbreak.

My naivety has not caused problems previously when I believed that what could be can always come true.

Sadly lately I've lost that belief. The combination of true heartbreak and some lessons life threw my way has made me question my fairy tale approach. Yet I do not see why I should continue to do so.

Who said I can't keep dreaming? Why can't I believe in the best? Why do I have to grow up? Why can't I keep my soul pure and naive the way I like it? I won't let life harden me.

I won't let heartbreak, daily or otherwise, stop me. I will keep falling in love. I will keep on imagining of the best. And if my heart breaks at the end of it, so be it.


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