I Just Can't Hide

When there is so much at stake
Tell me is this real or is this fake
I'm circling around this room

I keep running and I don't know why
I see my Demons and I just can't hide
Say no. I wanna let go

Sometimes I do wonder why I just keep running. I sometimes feel that constant urge to just do something. Anything. Maybe a silent, inner self-destructive nature. My little monkey mind constantly buzzing. Sometimes its louder. Sometimes it whispers. Sometimes I don't think I can even hear it.

I wish it wasn't there and yet at times I miss it. It gives me some crazy ideas, puts the spark in my life. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Other times I am thankful for the madness that it instills for it is almost a blessing.

I guess what I am trying to say is that with that running monkey mind I have been trying to watch what it says before reacting. Creating that space is difficult. But I try, try, try...


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