Start With Yourself

Expression of self is a part of being human. It goes through time going back to cave paintings, Egyptians hieroglyphics, and the classical works residing in Europe. Painting is not necessarily the way everyone expresses themselves. Today our choices can lie in music, outfits, activities, the possibilities are endless.

My worry comes when judgement is passed on that personal expression. What we wear, what we eat, the make up women use, the haircuts that guys get. Slamming someone won't make you feel better, rather it shows how insecure you are.

Currently being surrounded by a majority of girls in a sorority like setting I hear this happening all around me. It is unusual to me as I've never heard so much cattiness before. I do not like it one bit. As women we should empower each other but I suppose the medical school setting we are in tends to bring out our worst and our best.

I am looking forward to getting out of that environment. And hopefully learning a lesson to remember to catch myself any time I may be passing a judgement. Being accepting and understanding are wonderful qualities. Also vulnerability goes hand in hand as tolerance for others requires being fully open.

I might complain about these attitudes in school but I know that they occur in every setting. I hate the harshness that it brings to life and wish that it were different. However I cannot change others so I guess I'll have to do a Gandhi and start with myself.


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