Time to Live Again

During the darkest times it is easy to shut down to opportunities. Close off from the world and believe that there is no more hope or possibilities for something better. Trust me I've been there. Don't despair, sit through the pain, it will pass.

Then one day you will open your eyes and realize that not all is lost. There is still something to believe in. Whether it is family, a new work project, a new hobby or any other new addition. Your perspective can change, because that is all that troubling times often is. It is your perspective and your outlook on the current circumstances.

I am not suggesting that you change how you feel. From experience pushing away the darkness is not the solution. But if slowly, day by day you start to thaw out from the coldness let the warmth in. Life is about the ups, downs and in-betweens.

Without the difficulty I know I wouldn't have been pushed to do certain things. This time last year was a horribly depressing time but because of it I was pushed to try new things, go new places, and look at things with a different perspective. 

Growth can come in different packages. Sometimes its accomplishing something at work or school. Sometimes its about gaining more introspection. Sometimes its learning a new skill or going somewhere new. Only accepting certain outcomes as growth doesn't allow you to fully experience all aspects of life. So open up, open up to darkness and to light. 


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