Just Notice...

My car screeches around the corner. "Shit, not again." Frantically checking parking instructions at the red light my shoulders tighten. I scramble to think if I grabbed everything out the door. I spill coffee on my outfit during another fast-and-furious turn.

Does this sound like your morning? If not congratulations, you may have your life together. But up until recently I did not realize just how anxious certain moments of my day or life were. I would not realize how tight my muscles would clench up or how my breathing would shorten.

If there are certain nervous habits you notice yourself doing, such as nail biting, smoking or over eating, take that moment to focus on your body instead. Notice your muscles, or your breathing. It might not stop you from from doing your bad habit but it may get you in the habit of noticing when you are anxious and that's a start.


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