Lessons from LAM

I am finishing up this "block" of classes which ends with LAM. LAM stands for laboratory animal medicine and involves the treatment of research animals.

In lab animal the framework for humane animal research can be summarized in the three R's.

Simply put...
Refine the unnecessary pain and distress that animals may be experiencing.
Reduce the number of animals that can be used for a study.
Replace animals where it is unnecessary.

I enjoy the simplicity of these concepts despite knowing that lab animal can often be plagued with agendas and politics. Multimillion dollar grants and gigantic corporations may try to run experiments but ultimately those three R's will trump everything.

Its nice to have this simplicity to reflect on prior to the approach of exams when everything seems so muddled. Or when emotions become too much and an overwhelming wave crashes over. Simplicity is key. Remove the details and underneath the mess are the answers.


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