Pathology and an Existential Crisis

Spending two weeks at my pathology rotation thinking about death was slightly depressing. Indirectly it was enlightening about the meaning of life.

My existential crisis during this rotation went from saying that nothing we do is important to saying that everything we do is important. Now let us look at an example.  The simple act of smiling at the cashier as you're getting gas in the morning may mean absolutely nothing and the cashier may just go on with their day. Or it may mean absolutely everything to that cashier and it may turn their day around.

That was my question in my crisis. How should someone act if they do not know what the result may be?

I suppose at that point it is the intention that counts. If you want to cheer up the cashier, you should smile. If you want to piss off the cashier, give him or her the finger.

I suppose existential crisis averted. For now...

No one can advise and help you, no one. There is only one way: go within. –Rainer Maria Rilke


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