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For some reason, I see wanting as weakness. To want something too much puts excessive expectation into the matter. Hope for a job, a relationship, or any other result can often lead to disappointment. But harboring too much non-attachment is also no way to live. A balance should be sought and letting go should be practiced. However establishing and adjusting that balanced tightrope walk can be truly difficult. When do you know when to let go or when to hold on a little more? When does wanting something become harmful instead of uplifting?


"A better version of myself could have prevented this from happening. The better version, the genuine version, I'd like to think, could have caught the small thing that became the big thing. I figured that if he wanted to go home, I wasn't going to stand in the way. I didn't make a mistake, in the usual sense of the word, I just didn't try hard enough." TEDx.

These small regrets haunt us. What if, what if...I guess from these we learn to be better since these mistakes sear into our brains. Push us to open up, push us to give and do more. Sometimes it's because these mistakes are irreversible, that they make all the difference. Regret is a heavy burden that can only be lifted with stronger shoulders.