The Life of Death

When I got into this I thought I would be saving lives. But now I am surrounded by death. It watches every move I make. How did I become an advocate of death? How do I keep it from consuming me?


This is for when you feel torment inside. For when your heart is ripped from your rib cage. Sit and feel the tears welling up in your eyes. The pain will pass, it always does. No, life is not fair, but it is beautiful. This will make you stronger and after you heal, you will approach life with zeal again. I know right now it feels like the end. But look at it like a new beginning. Feel, feel, feel. Don't run from the tornado brewing inside. It will settle. Just breathe and take it moment by moment.


Pathology is defined as the study of disease usually based on the analysis of tissues, organs or the body. So essentially it is the study of disease based on the dead. A very morbid topic and one not many would want to tackle. However I feel that it is a necessary subject area since life and death are so finely intertwined.

Disease is what often causes death. Sometimes it can be acute but, especially of late, in the modern age and when looking at humans, it is chronic. When a diagnosis is beseeched upon someone we are often at a loss. However we often forget that we are always dying. So much so that we forget to live. Our lives can often be lost in meaningless drivel, spent doing useless tasks that have little purpose.

Meaning can be found in the littlest of things. In fact sometimes its the littlest of actions that have the biggest consequences. Seek meaning in what you do. Do not let your life become diseased. Make the most of it because before you know, it may be over.

Potential Butterfly

These dreams keep haunting me
Mistakes, lost potential
I wake up gasping for air
Grasping at what could have been

Each moment slips by
Time which will never return
A stream, silver drops going by
Gliding through my hand

With each loss
A piece of me is torn off
Taken from my inner depth
Yet I do this to myself?

These masochistic tendencies
Leave me tangled between emotions
I end up in a corner as a curled cocoon
But will I emerge as a butterfly?

Clockwork Heart

Will I always pendulum?
Will I sway between stillness and furious motion?
Which will sustain me,
which will unsurp the other?
Perhaps I have a clockwork heart.
And I will spend equal time at each,
rocking slowly,
back and forth.

Tyler Knott Gregson


Patience, patience...
It will come together in due time.
Then it will all fall apart.
This is the way.

Let the anxiety flow through you.
Express that energy in selfless deeds.
Think outside yourself.
When you focus on the suffering of others,
yours will minimize in comparison.

Fill your heart with passion.
Embrace emotions.
They will take you from the greatest highs,
To the worst lows.
Just feel, you do not have to react.

Remember to love
Cherish what you hold dear
and do not forget your values.
Ask yourself,
"Is this the life I want to live?"

Inner Turmoil

Awake —
What are these quick shots of warmth,
Fractals of forests
That wind through my limbs?
Fragrance of olive and salt taste of skin,
Razz-tazz and clackety sound?
Figures and shapes slowly wheel past my view,
Villas and deserts, distorted faces,
Children, my children —

Distant, the pink moons of my feet.
What rules do they follow?
I think movement, they wondrously move,
Moons flutter and shake.
I probe the hills and the ruts of my face —
Now I grow large, now
I grow small, as the waves
Of sensation break over my shore.

There, a gnarled tree I remember,
A stone vessel, the curve of a hill.
What is the hour?
Some silence still sleeps
In my small sleeping room —
Is it end or beginning?

I take up my pen, dry for some years.

What should I write?
What should I think?

I knock on the door of the universe.
Here, this small villa, this table, this pen.
I ask the universe: What? and Why?
Now weakened, I must remake the world,

I knock on the door of the universe, asking:
What makes the lig…