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One Month In

Each day I look at my failures, my mistakes, my difficulties and I feel regression. However, in the sum of things, there is progress. It is good to take a step back and observe the overarching direction, to see whether your efforts are going to fruition or if you need to reassess and try a different approach. It is never too late to turn things in a different direction since progress is not linear. Progress to me has always been intuitive, it has melded to whatever life throws at me at that moment. This last week was certainly difficult with the addition of added stressors. Some of which I chose to take on, so that is somewhat a downfall of mine. Taking on too much while expecting not to crumble. But with a step back, a breath, some time to myself, a moment to re-assess I know that it will all be ok. 
[Stelvio Pass, Swiss -> Italy]