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Potential Butterfly

These dreams keep haunting me
Mistakes, lost potential
I wake up gasping for air
Grasping at what could have been

Each moment slips by
Time which will never return
A stream, silver drops going by
Gliding through my hand

With each loss
A piece of me is torn off
Taken from my inner depth
Yet I do this to myself?

These masochistic tendencies
Leave me tangled between emotions
I end up in a corner as a curled cocoon
But will I emerge as a butterfly?

Clockwork Heart

Will I always pendulum?
Will I sway between stillness and furious motion?
Which will sustain me,
which will unsurp the other?
Perhaps I have a clockwork heart.
And I will spend equal time at each,
rocking slowly,
back and forth.

Tyler Knott Gregson