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When the overwhelm hits, take a moment. Refocus on what is important. Do not get caught up in the pull.

Just take a breath and refocus what you truly know. Feel what is shining bright inside you. Allow that to wash over you. Your potential to be what you can be. Its always there. Its pushing you to do more. To be a change, a force to be reckoned with, a role model, a motivator, a soul escaping through actions.

Do not let life stifle your voice and passion. Yes, it hurts sometimes. Yes, its not perfect. Yes, its not always fair. But the struggle is what pushes you to be more.

Life can cause bruises that sting. And they can leave marks for you to look back at. Do not hold on to them. Do not let them make you bitter. Do not compare your bruises to others. They happened. You can keep poking at the bruise and it will never heal or you can learn from what occurred and let the bruise mend on its own in time.