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And there you are...

What is it about truth... Honest, heart wrenching, stark naked truth?

It makes you step out of your comfort zone, learn about yourself and finally grow.

That is when miracles happen. Changes take place.

Otherwise whats the point... Its fake and doesn't stick unless you genuinely feel it inside...

There is no use lying to yourself. Where ever you go there you are.

The only way out is through.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

He who controls his mind, controls his life.

My thoughts have been astray. Negativity, ruminating on the past, or that incessant monkey mind chatter...

A simple task yet difficult to master. This is the foundation.


There is not enough time...
The world won't wait...

Always running...

I admit I am never satisfied. Satisfaction is boring. Satisfaction is stagnant.

In particular now when I have this huge burden of mistakes I feel I need to fix before I can even get back into making progress.

I guess its something to work on. Add that to the list.

Never enough time to do it all...

Oh Vancouver Ill see you again..


I see your face in my dreams, in random strangers at the store or anything that clings a relation to you. How is it that a soccer ball can make me well up in tears?

I hear you in my thoughts, in songs or whispering to me of how things could be.

I put you there and you wont get out. Oh how I wish you would leave.

How I wish I could cut you out, pretend you never existed. Pretend that you didn't became so intertwined in my hopes and dreams.

This is arduous. You are my torture

The sad thing is I never could say it....