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Cocoon of No Self

I don't know what I like, but I like what I know but I know so little...
Self-doubt is painful. It is crippling. Did I do well enough in that exam? Am I going to be good enough at my career? Will I die alone?  The solution is simple. Look outside. Look beyond the self. That is why it is called self-doubt. Without the self it doesn't exist. Look where you can help. Look where you are needed. Then you will no longer exist. You will get lost in duty. Who knows maybe when you find yourself again the self doubt might no longer be. It might emerge as self-confidence and self-esteem.

I wouldn't yet know I am still in the development coccoon, hopefully to emerge on the other side.

Break Free

Let go of everything that doesn't bring you peace of mind

Let go of comparison, it TRULY is the thief of joy. In anything it won't leave you feeling better or any closer on accomplishing to what you want. Whether it is a relationship, money, or accomplishments.

Let go of anger. You can feel it but do not ruminate on it.

Let go of sadness. Again, feel it but do not keep coming back to it in order to feel something. You are not a victim. You are the writer of your own destiny. GO!

Let go of not holding yourself accountable. You are responsible for yourself. Stop making excuses. You know better. Really you do.

Let go of anything that doesn't serve to better you. Think about whatever these may be? It could be harmful relationships that you could be holding on to because you are afraid of being alone. Or it could be a bad job because you do not think yourself worthy of following your passion. It could be a bad habit that you know you should quit but you do not feel yourself str…