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Remember to Live Before You Die

Tonight I watched the most heartwarming story of a hero. Patrick Zeigler, a friend of my brothers, got shot in the head during the November 5, 2009 shooting in Fort Hood, Texas. He looked death in the face and refused to blink, he was given a 5 percent chance of survival but is now walking and talking. If possible please watch the episode of his story either on,, or find it else where on the web. When I first met Patrick he was struggling through the daily struggles of life but it was tragedy that has revealed his true strength. Remember that you shouldn't have to let something huge to happen to realize that you need to remember to live before you die. Do it now!

On Remembering to Take In the View

Remember, someday you will miss today. So take a look around and take it all in right where you are. Otherwise there will never be a right time and you will go through life waiting for those moments when really they are constantly happening. See the beauty of the flowers growing on the side of the litter threwn freeway, nature has provided us with more than enough to marvel at.

Believe in the beauty of the sun even when it isn't there.

Have a wonderful day today and I'll try to be back to post more this weekend!!

Whata Week

I wish there were some new revelations in this busy, busy week but nothing new to report with me just testing out all that was learnt during the winter break. Strange thing was that the simpler I kept it, the smoother the day felt and I could just ride it out like a wave that was caught at the perfect moment. Weird analogy for me to use since I've never really picked up on surfing but somehow it makes sense for my life right now. Not a bad way for a week to go at all. I get to take it somewhat easy this weekend by heading to Irvine tomorrow and then a weekend full of homework and doing my first two close shifts at Submarina.

What I will leave you all with the request that we have a little more faith in ourselves to shakily stand up on that wave of life and ride it out because we innately know how to do it.

A Bunch of Nonsense

First off happy valentine's day or singles awareness day whichever you are! Now that I've addressed the commercial holiday of this month on to more important matters. Today was the first day of the spring semester and all I can say is that it feels great to be back HOME! Besides the classes I'm taking I also have my new job at submarina, tutoring through stem, and so much more to make this last semester really fly by. Hopefully enjoying it all the meanwhile and learning through any setbacks that come my way. Here is to spring and to celebrate a little quiz (feel free to reply with your own answers in the comments):

1. Wallet
2. Sunnies
3. Glasses
4. Headphones
5. Chapstick

1. Help as many as I can
2. Harm as few as possible
3. Travel
4. Learn to love myself
5. Enlightenment

1. Ezra!
2. Music
3. Getting taken away by a wonderful book
4. Learning
5. Sleep


Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Quiet that little doubt that incisively pops up in your mind, tell it hush and that now it is your time. Because through contemplation and insight you will develop clarity but all thought and no action results in nothing. A little change is supposed to be uncomfortable, that's when you know you're stepping out of your comfort zone. So today say "yes" to doing, to action, to change.

"Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take the action. Take the action and your feelings will change."

That’s how we grow into new lives.

A Birch Tree

А на сердце опять горячо-горячо,
И опять, и опять без ответа.
А листочек с берёзки упал на плечо,
Он как я, оторвался от веток.

Roughly translated:

And the heart is once again hot, hot
And again, again with no answers.
A leaf from the birch falls on the shoulder,
It like I, detached itself from the branches.

Ah how I could explain the emotions this quote envokes to me when said in Russian. It is a reminder that there is never a direct route but we are leaves making our own way down the wind of life. To quote someone who I talked to earlier this evening, someone who just got a huge gust of wind altering their path, they said that life is good.

Hurricanes and Honda

I've heard about the hurricane that occured in Queensland and the one thing that comes to mind is how glad I am that my dad wasn't there. Mission Beach really is a paradise tucked away and kept as a secret from the rest of the world and it sucks to see how much ruin occured. Anyways I am currently sitting at the honda dealership and by this point I am, one, not sure why I spend so much time at dealerships or, two, why the need to write pops up everytime I am at one. Speaking of cars, the rx8 has gotten all of its maintenance done last week which doesn't even leave me two pennies to rub together. This past week has basically been me looking for work for the upcoming spring semester. Later today I have an interview for the barista position at starbucks so I hope that goes well. Enough about me though since the one thing that keeps popping up is how fortunate I am to have a car to hate, a house to come back to, and jobs to look for unlike all of those hit by the hurricane. Ev…
"Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent."

Rough day, no reason in particular, just a bit irritable and not fully in the flow of things. Thankfully I can at this point remind myself that it will pass. That doesn't mean that I need to put my feelings aside and count them as worthless, rather I need to dwell enough on them to understand them and with time let them go. I will hopefully find some insight as I take Ezra for a walk and can head to bed for some rest and a fresh day tomorrow.