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Pathology is defined as the study of disease usually based on the analysis of tissues, organs or the body. So essentially it is the study of disease based on the dead. A very morbid topic and one not many would want to tackle. However I feel that it is a necessary subject area since life and death are so finely intertwined.

Disease is what often causes death. Sometimes it can be acute but in the modern age and when looking at humans it is often chronic. When a diagnosis is beseeched upon someone we are often at a loss. However we often forget that we are always dying. So much so that we forget to live. Our lives can often be lost in meaningless drivel, spent doing useless tasks that have little purpose.

However meaning can be found in the littlest of things. In fact sometimes its the littlest of actions that have the biggest consequences. Seek meaning in what you do. Do not let your life become diseased. Make the most of it because before you know, it may be over.