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Einstein's Essay

The World As I See It

Such a beautiul essay encompassing his ideas and thoughts. A must read since we can all learn something from such a great man.

I myself am off to a weekend of work and studying which I'm strangely looking forward to, hope all of you have wonderful weekends as well.

Unclouded Eyes

Wake up and uncloud your eyes from yourself. From all YOUR worries, from all YOUR fears, from all YOU want. Revel in the understanding that it's not all about YOU. We are all connected in one way or another. If we can't connect with life around us we are pushing away all that it naturally gives. We become caught up in our troubles believing them to be important when in fact they usually are quite minuscule. Whenever you get caught up in yourself, it is your ego talking, its not truly you. The ego shouts at what it wants believing that what it yells is important and self-preserving. Really though we should listen to that other voice, the voice of truth, the one that's quiet. That is the voice that connects us to what is truly important. So quiet down and LISTEN.

I want my life to be one of love, not rage
Kindness, not contempt
Joy, not suffering
I want to be alive and present in this moment,
not lost in thought and delusion.

Let's Pretend

It has been one heck of a struggle learning to be intune enough to realize when I am not being congruent with myself. By that what I mean is what I am feeling and the way I am behaving are somehow at odds with one another. There’s a disturbance going on somewhere inside me, but I’m telling myself it’s OK and then behaving as if it’s OK or as if nothing is out of line. And what I've realized is that the larger the stake I think I have in the outcome, the greater the denial. The more emotional the issue, the easier it is to play “Let’s Pretend.” This game then utilizes the big bag of the coping mechanisms we all have to cover up what we don't really want to face. This game gets old quick. So from now on instead of turning to the big bag, I'll chose to view these incongruencies as warning signs. Signs that I need to take a look at what is going on and that something needs to be dealt with instead of swept underneath the rug. Because although we might fool others it really isn…

On Love

LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL, fear is conditional
LOVE IS STRONG, fear is weak
LOVE RELEASES, fear obligates
LOVE IS HONEST, fear is deceitful
LOVE TRUSTS, fear suspects
LOVE ALLOWS, fear dictates
LOVE GIVES, fear resists)
LOVE FORGIVES, fear blames
LOVE CHOOSES, fear avoids
LOVE IS KIND, fear is angry
LOVE IGNITES, fear incites
LOVE EMBRACES, fear repudiates
LOVE CREATES, fear negates
LOVE HEALS, fear hurts
LOVE IS MAGIC, fear is superstitious
LOVE INSPIRES, fear worries
LOVE IS PATIENT, fear is nervous
LOVE IS BRAVE, fear is afraid
LOVE IS RELAXED, fear is pressured
LOVE IS BLIND, fear is judgmental
LOVE RESPECTS, fear disregards
LOVE ACCEPTS, fear rejects
LOVE DREAMS, fear schemes
LOVE WANTS TO PLAY, fear needs to control
LOVE ENJOYS, fear suffers
LOVE FREES, fear imprisons
LOVE BELIEVES, fear deceives
LOVE WANTS, fear needs

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers w…