Just a Little Reminder

Right now with finals around the corner it seems I need a little reminder to keep myself grounded in truth. The truth of not letting little things bother me, the truth of knowing myself enough to confidently step forward to do what needs to be done, and the truth of love. This may seem like a silly thing to be reminded of especially with the christmas spirit all around but I've been hermiting it this past week which includes me not getting a sufficient amount of exercise resulting in a slightly gloomy me.

Me and ochem are not even in a love-hate relationship but more of a infatuation-detestation because it's gotten that intense and extreme :-)
I really need a solid A to get an overall A in the class and it would really be unpleasant watching that chance slip through my fingers due to my lack of concentration and effort studying. Speaking of which this blog is my latest form of procrastination and I probably should get back to organic mechanisms! Hoorah, wish me luck all! Ill be back after finals are over and done with!

PS: Diamonds are made under pressure!


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