Mazda Musings

I am currently at the Mazda dealership, waiting on an oil change, so I figured I'd post a little something for you all. With the chemistry final out of the way it was like a weight was lifted and my spirits uplifted in the thought of being able to take on everything I'd been putting off.

This had me in a laughing fit after the final, thank you Brian for sharing, glad I can laugh about it now!!

The new place out in Irvine is still in escrow until the 1st of January from what I've heard so I'm unable to start remodeling it but there is plenty keeping me busy. I've taken on a membership at the Riverside indoor rock climbing gym, Threshhold, and I plan to go until my fingertips form calluses! Its got this great little friendly environment and its a very homely place. I'm not sure about keeping up with ballet after this semester with climbing being the replacement but I will definitely look into taking a yoga at RCC during the spring. I know I'm glad to be done with school at the moment but I know I will be craving to go back very, very soon. That is the nature of learning I suppose in that one can never have enough! This constant striving is the best gift and also a constant curse and with that I will share an article from Gwyneth Paltrow's website that caught my eye:




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