Early Morning

I am sitting here with the bowls of breakfast staring at me. No motivation to get up at the moment with my little handy mini heater warming my feet. Seems like a gorgeous day out with the sun shining but my wind chime tells me its quite breezy. One more day before New Years Eve and I am left wondering what to do today as to not waste the remaining hours of 2010. Time, although a made up notion, is our most precious gift. There are so many hours I know I've wasted in this past year either through procrastination or by being crammed with activities that weren't worth it. But not everything was this harsh, I also learned to slow down quite a bit and be enjoy more moments by being more present. This never meant indulging in every whim, quite the opposite. It meant taking the time to feel the water rush through my fingers as I washed the dishes or feeling the silkiness of Ezra's fur as I gave her the weekly brushing. I can only hope to live each moment more in the new year but also hope to learn to let each moment go as it passes by.


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