The Choice of Flight

That constant need to be reminded has been on my mind lately. Most of us know better, especially considering the alternatives, and yet often enough I'm sure most of us find ourselves in ignorance. A harsh word, a judgmental assumption, an ego boosting or bashing thought. Yet they happen time in and out. That never ending cycle of downs and ups.

Where is that neutral, calm in between? And how do we make it stick?

Practice is what my Buddhist instructor would say. Meditation is when we can practice this easiest and try to keep this as we get up after and resume the day. Even during meditation it may be difficult to keep the mind from constantly swinging on the vines of different thoughts, constantly jumping from one idea to the next. There is that constant want to cling. Underneath the want there is also the fear of living without the want. That clinging seems safe. The approach that I will try is to allow moments to remember, to come back to the nest. But once that's done to throw myself back out to fly. Each moment we find ourselves attaching, we must remember to let go. In time it will become easier to spread those wings and soar.


  1. Yes, so true, remembering can be a challenge, along with knowing and not doing. Writing helps I think, then we can always read it back and be reminded :)


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