A Refresher

A week of sorts has passed, with ups and downs and all different kinds of in betweens. Sometimes I really do feel like a baby deer in this world learning to see it for what it really is, standing up for the first time on my wobbly legs. I'm learning how to walk the path, the enlightened one, the one that gives more than it takes. Sometimes I trip and face the challenge of getting back up with excitement. I bounce back into step as if nothing happened, ready to take on whatever comes my way. Other times I fall and forget to look at how far I've come. I become overwhelmed at the prospect of getting up and trying again just knowing that I will fall somewhere further down the road. This is when hope steps in. It lifts me and pushes me forward even when I don't want to keep on going. Hope for a more positive state of mind, one that is more calm and peaceful and hope that the strength will come back to me. That hope is undying, that hope can never be stopped, the faith that this too shall pass for a brighter tomorrow.


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