Stressful Sunday

Actually to expand on the title of this post, its not just today thats been like this, rather this whole week has been a little hectic. Third week of school down and now the excitement has begun to wear off and time has been getting a little cramped. Tests, quizzes, busy shifts at the sub shop, and tutoring have left me with little time elsewhere. Friends, family, and training for the half-marathon eat up any extra time but have also kept me sane and pushing on through. What I've learned is that whenever I become overwhelmed and all that must be done starts getting to me I take a step back and turn my fear at what I face into excitement of all thats going on. Remembering what is truly important like being present and in each moment as I go through the hurdles right now and being kind every step along the way helps give me the space in what I've chosen. Hope that whatever you face you remember to remind yourself why you do it, follow your passions even when they get tough.


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