Big Bummer of a Summer

A leaky faucet, a knee that can barely be walked on, an AC unit during a Californian summer that has a bad motor. These things add up. Little annoyances that can leave one stressed. In my case they leave me overwhelmed and feeling stuck. So what remains is how to deal with whats been piled on. Looking at these problems in a cluster makes them just that, messy and difficult. Breaking them up can help ease the solutions into place. And after all is solved, the plumbers tape holding in the leaks, the knee that's iced and the electrician has been called, whats left is the hardest of them all. The feeling of unfairness that this all of this is happening to me. The victim mentality that leave us drained and tired of life's little problems. The "how could it" jumps at us after anything difficult or even mildly irritating comes up. This backdrop just views life as a nuisance but which should be looked on as a challenge. When that moment comes where everything adds up and all seems wrong and gloomy, turn around and shout right back that you are more than ready!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to dance in the rain.


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