On Being Selfish

That's right, you didn't misread the title. This post is going to be on being selfish, really reveling in all that you can give yourself. For how can you give to others if you can't give to yourself. I have found lately that by understanding and accepting my needs I can set proper boundaries and strive for things that make me truly happy. For it is only then that I can give to others when I myself overflow with abundance. By being selfish, not materially may I add or in anyway that comes from a place of fear, we can truly become selfless. When we are selfish we become satisfied and do not crave more rather feel free to give. So be selfish with yourself, make sure that it comes from a place that is genuine and true. Take that rest when you need it, go after something that you truly want, or say a kind word to make yourself feel good. Whatever it is you know it and only you know whether it comes from fear or from love for yourself. Be selfish but only so much that you can give it all right back and more.


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