Hurricanes and Honda

I've heard about the hurricane that occured in Queensland and the one thing that comes to mind is how glad I am that my dad wasn't there. Mission Beach really is a paradise tucked away and kept as a secret from the rest of the world and it sucks to see how much ruin occured. Anyways I am currently sitting at the honda dealership and by this point I am, one, not sure why I spend so much time at dealerships or, two, why the need to write pops up everytime I am at one. Speaking of cars, the rx8 has gotten all of its maintenance done last week which doesn't even leave me two pennies to rub together. This past week has basically been me looking for work for the upcoming spring semester. Later today I have an interview for the barista position at starbucks so I hope that goes well. Enough about me though since the one thing that keeps popping up is how fortunate I am to have a car to hate, a house to come back to, and jobs to look for unlike all of those hit by the hurricane. Everybody affected by this tragedy is in my prayers, hope they are in yours.


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