A Good View from Rock Bottom

It just hasn't been my past few weeks. From getting sick, to spraining my foot, to the long awaited Dalai Lama cancelling his lecture, to spending my birthday mad studying for a physics exam, and finally finishing off the craziness by slicing a chunk out of my thumb while at work yesterday it really seems like nothing wants to go my way. Or maybe life is pulling me one way and I stubbornly refuse to go where it prods. To put a little perspective I'll recall my favorite folk tale that goes like this:

There was a disturbance some distance from the village. The people did not know what had happened but a young and beautiful stallion appeared one day unexplained in the yard of a poor peasant family.

“Oh, you are so lucky! “The villagers all said to the farmer.

“We shall see,” the peasant farmer said, “We shall see.”

The farmer had a son, a dashing young man, who tried to break in the energetic stallion. The young man fell off the beautiful horse and broke his leg in several places. He was incapacitated for an extended period of time.

The village folks commiserated and told his father how sorry they were that such a bad thing happened to his son. “Such bad luck,” they said.

“We shall see.” his father said. “We shall see.”

A few weeks later recruiters for the Emperor’s army came through the village, conscripting all of the able-bodied young men. The farmer’s son was passed over, as he was still recovering from his broken leg.

“Oh, you are so fortunate!” said the villagers.
“We shall see,” said the farmer. “We shall see.”

And so it goes.

Right now I only have two choices. To stand stubborn where I am letting whatever is thrown my way beat me black and blue or just roll with the punches, although they still might hurt I'll face them in my own light.


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