A Prayer Into the Unknown...

May I go where I am needed. Where ever fate desires me best. May I not resist that path and enjoy the views along the way. And if I need to resist I hope that it is for a just cause. May I learn to quiet the chattering mind that yearns for so much yet gets lost along the way when it runs ahead. May I be accepting of the dark, the light and the in-between. Not only in others but in myself. May I give myself more space so that I am able to act and not react. And if I am reactive, forgive myself and try again. May I see emotions for what they are, circumstances manifesting themselves in me. May I not take things personally. However may I understand the emotions of others and be empathetic.
May I be kind to each life I meet. May I treat each life like I would want to be treated. May I be strong enough to remember good values in tough times. With each passing year may I grow wiser and realize what it truly important.


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